What’s the difference between bacon and pork belly?

With the popularity of keto diets and new research on the impact of carbohydrates on weight and overall health, bacon and pork belly have emerged from the dark corners of foods formerly written off as entirely “bad” for you.But what is it about these particular pork options that earned them the label of “unhealthy” in the first place? Are pork belly and bacon equal in nutrition? What is the difference between the two, exactly?

How is bacon made?

Although bacon can be made from other meats, when most people think of this traditional American breakfast side dish, they think of pork. Large slabs of meat are cut from the underside of the pig, known as pork belly. The pork belly is later seasoned, smoked, and sliced to make bacon. Many producers cure the meat by adding synthetic nitrates or nitrites and also choose to add sugar. This isn’t the only way to make bacon, however.

Is there such a thing as healthy bacon?

Fortunately, sugar isn’t required to make good-tasting bacon either, and there are other, more natural options for preservation. Pederson’s Natural Farms doesn’t cure its meats, choosing instead to extend the shelf life of our products naturally, without the use of added chemicals. Not adding sugar to our products also makes them friendlier to health-conscious eaters without sacrificing that bacon flavor.

What is pork belly?

Although bacon may hail from the pork belly, the two are very different. Pork belly is not processed. Most people like to cook it slowly to melt down the fat content and create a richly flavored, tender protein.Just like the bacon trending toward not being all bad, pork belly is exploding in popularity. This forefather to bacon was once eschewed for its visibly fatty content. Now pork belly seems to be popping up on menus everywhere. But why?

Keto Whole30 Approved No Sugar Added Uncured Dry Rub Bacon
Keto Whole30 Approved No Sugar Added Uncured Dry Rub Bacon
Keto Whole30 Approved No Sugar Added Uncured Dry Rub Bacon

Can pork belly be eaten as part of a healthy diet?

Fat, once treated as the evil enemy of the health-minded individual, is being looked at differently by many in the realm of food and nutritional science. Keto and other high-fat, low-carb diets encourage increasing the amount of fat consumed and severely reducing the amount of carbohydrate-laden foods as a means of controlling weight and improving overall health.There are many ways to eat for your health, and what is suitable for one person isn’t always ideal for another. There’s no one right answer for everyone. And what is known today may tomorrow be old news. The good news is that there are more options now than ever.