It Began with Bacon

(but then again, everything should)

An image of a table with various plates and cutting boards with grilled meat like hamburger patties, rope sausage, hot dogs, and jalapeno poppers. There are garnishes and wine bottles and glasses scattered throughout the table.


Since 1992, Pederson’s Natural Farms has grown from just two to 92 employees.

Our last 20 years have been made up of all-nighters and weekends sacrificed for the betterment of the food you consume. There’s unbridled innovation that has resulted in a five-ingredient bacon that is defined as much by what isn’t in it, as what is. It’s the story of no added sugar, no hormones, no added nitrates or nitrites, no antibiotics, vegetarian-fed, humanely raised, revolutionize-the-market bacon. Though Pederson’s is famous for bacon, we’ve followed that up with a robust line of No Sugar Added hams, sausages, and dogs.

This is a story about saying good riddance to the status quo, getting up after getting knocked down, and shaking up an industry that’d been asleep for too long. This is the story of a small town, proud Texan company making an impact that’s been felt around the world!