Our Standards Go Beyond Our Products

An image of friends sitting at a dining table. One man is smiling and holding his plate out for another man to place slices of Pederson's Farms holiday ham on his plate. There are wine bottles and glasses in the forefront of the picture.


Pederson’s Natural Farms hangs its hat on quality at any cost, and that dedication to excellence has continuously propelled our company into new markets and mediums.

We are real people making natural meats raised with humane and environmentally safe practices. But we’re more than just meat...

Pederson’s Natural Farms is a group of real people making real food who collectively strive to uphold the same values of honesty, integrity, and good stewardship. It is those core values and priorities that are the very heartbeat of our company.

We also believe every family should have access to good, wholesome foods. We believe people deserve to live a healthy and happy life, regardless of what you look like, believe, or struggle with; how you identify; or who you love. We support you and your tribe, and we celebrate members of all communities.