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The Risks of Red 40: What You Need to Know

The Possibility of Negative Effects

Like the majority of people, you may not have heard of red 40. But the chances are pretty high that you’ve consumed quite a bit of it. Red 40 is a common food dye that is used in many processed products on the market. It has been deemed safe by the FDA, but some studies have been conducted that suggest that red 40 may have negative effects on our health. This is particularly true in children with ADHD. 

What is Red 40?

So what is red 40, exactly? It is a synthetic color additive made from petroleum. It is added to many different food products to give them their bright red color. Those red snacks and drinks you’re picturing now probably contain red 40! And while it may make the food look more appealing, it’s important to understand the risks that go along with consuming synthetic dyes like red 40. 

Is Red 40 Bad For You?

The main concern with red 40 is how it may affect children with ADHD. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has listed red 40 as one of the additives to avoid. In 2008, the CSPI asked the FDA to ban red 40 and several other dyes, citing studies showing that these dyes may worsen the symptoms of ADHD in children. Red 40 has also been linked to other health problems such as migraines, hyperactivity, and hives. In other countries, products containing red 40 must be clearly marked with a warning label, which has prompted many companies to do away with synthetic dyes and switch to natural colors in their products. 

What Foods Contain Red Dye 40?

Unfortunately, red 40 is a very common ingredient in processed foods. Candy, cake mixes, dairy products, drinks, breakfast cereals, and a long list of other things contain the dye. And while it can be difficult to avoid it completely, making a conscious effort to choose foods without red 40 is a great step in the right direction toward better health. 

That’s why Pederson’s is proud to introduce our new Pickled Sausage! Without red 40 or any other synthetic food dyes or ingredients, our sausage is made with all natural ingredients. Enjoy the great taste of our sausage without the harmful side effects of synthetic dyes like red 40. 

So, the next time you’re shopping for food, check the food labels for those unnecessary ingredients, and make the better choice. Choose Pederson’s Pickled Sausage!

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