A box of Pederson's Farms no sugar added, no red 40, keto friendly mild pickled sausage sits on some rocks with a lake in the background.
no red 40 • no sugar added • ready to eat
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A box of Pederson's Farms Mild Pickled Sausage is shown on a tree stump with the words Zero Carbs over it.

With zero carbs, zero sugar, and tons of flavor, this is a great keto and paleo friendly snack!

A box of Pederson's Farms mild pickled sausage sits on a rock with a body of water behind it. 9g Fat is written at the top of the image.

Pickled Sausage has 9 grams of fat to fuel your body for your active lifestyle or your busy workday.

3 packages of Pederson's Farms Mild Pickled Sausage is shown sitting on a rock surrounded by leaves. The words 6g protein is written above it.

Packed with 6 grams of clean protein, this snack is filling and will keep you going between meals.



New Product Alert: Mild Pickled Sausage

At Pederson’s Farms, we love coming up with new products. And we love it even more when a product comes about because it was requested by our customers! That is the case with our newest product: Pickled Sausage!

Pickled Sausage was requested by people looking for a protein-filled snack that tastes great too! It is made with all natural ingredients, with no added dyes, chemicals, or sugars. The great taste of Pederson’s sausage that you love is elevated by a punch of pickle flavor in every bite! 

These sausages are fully cooked and ready to eat., and they don’t need refrigeration, making them the perfect snack to take on the go! And the packaging is easy to open while out and about. 

Whether you take them with you camping, hiking, tailgating, or add them to a charcuterie board, Pickled Sausage is perfect for your snacking needs! 

Follow the link to order your new favorite snack on Amazon! Order the 10 count HERE. Order the 6 count HERE.

Do you have a product in mind that you’d like us to offer? Visit our Innovation page to send us your requests!

2 mild pickled sausage links are shown cut in half against a black background. The text around it says