Whole30 Meal Prep

with Neil Dudley.


Hi. I’m Neil, the Vice President of Pederson’s Farms! I’m so happy that you will be joining us for a Whole30. I hope you find these recipes and meal plans enjoyable and most definitely tasty!

If you are planning a Whole30, we have almost 40 Whole30 Approved products, and we’ve curated this Ultimate Whole30 Meal Prep Box with you in mind. The Whole30 Meal Prep Box is exactly what it sounds like: a box stuffed with delicious Pederson’s products delivered to your doorstep. The coolest part? If you sign up here, we will send you a coupon for $15.00 off.

Keep reading to find my meal plan and delicious Whole30 recipes to help you make the most of every item included in the Ultimate Whole30 Box. We’ve done the math, and it works out to about $3.50 / meal!

The 7-Day Meal Plan

Get all the proteins you need to follow this meal plan here!



Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only One You’ve Got.

Whole30 provided this meal template to help you get started. The guidelines will help you with portion sizing and knowing when you should eat–then it’s up to you to make adjustments based on hunger, energy, mood, and athletic performance.

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