Every subscription membership will include a donation of 50 meals per month to a food bank in your community, as determined by your zip code.

*$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks. Meal claim valid as of 7/1/2020 and subject to change.



Erica Nkansah of This African Cooks is all about celebrating differences. Her cooking style draws from her unique experiences living on three different continents, and her recipes take inspiration from all over the world. Erica is excited about being a Rally Room Cheerleader because she sees food as a universal language, allowing us to help put our differences aside and just enjoy a healthy meal.

Erica began to struggle with muscle and joint pain after her daughter was born. In an effort to pinpoint the cause, she turned to Whole30. Finding relief with this new nutritional approach, Erica began creating gluten and dairy-free recipes. As she felt her pain subside, she found her anxiety did too. Cooking gave her control and a sense of joy as natural as the food she cooks. Keeping with her tradition of mixing it up, Erica spends her days working as an OB Nurse and her nights cooking quick and tasty recipes for her husband Michael and daughter Eva. She knows all too well that finding meals the whole family can enjoy is challenging. Still, she also knows modeling good food choices, and healthy behavior for the littlest chef in the kitchen is essential.

Whole30 Variety Pack Rally Room Subscription

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 Whole30 No Sugar Meat Variety Subscription Box. Whole30 Meat Delivery.
 Whole30 No Sugar Meat Variety Subscription Box. Whole30 Meat Delivery.