100% Grass Fed Organic Ground Beef (3 Pack)

3 - 16 oz. Packs


100% Grass-Fed, Ground Organic Beef



We’re gonna be straight shooters here. This isn’t your run of the mill supermarket shelf beef. In the past, you’d have to know someone that was raising their own cows to find this kind of beef. You’d have to go to the butcher. You’d have to establish a relationship with someone that cared deeply about the meat they were producing. In that equation, we’re that someone. That’s the work we’ve done to bring you this ground organic beef. We care greatly about the quality of the protein we eat ourselves, the protein we serve our families, and lastly the protein we send to you. We’ve made it so that you just have to visit our website to bring the best to your door, and it’s out of a mission to bring people the highest quality experience and product. We want to build that relationship with you, and be your go-to source for high-quality protein you can depend on.

This beef is 100% grass-fed. Not grass-started, grass-sometimes, or grass-finished. No GMO’s or pesticides here. No artificial ingredients or preservatives and Certified Organic.   

No Added Hormones

This meat has never been exposed to any growth stimulants or antibiotics, and it's handled with care from pasture to plate. It's 1lb. of 85% Lean Beef, and nothing else. Whole30 Approved, Keto, and Paleo-Friendly - This is the best made better.


100% Grass Fed Ground Organic Beef

Certified Organic Ground Beef Recipe