Pederson's Natural Farms Goes Organic

Pederson's Farms is listening to its consumers.  They hear you loud and clear.  You want organic!  They give you organic with the national launch of brand extension Pederson's Organic Farms.
“There was no hesitation in entering the organic market.  It's what our consumers want, and it reduces our carbon footprint even more.  That's what we're after.  We're looking to expand into organics as much as possible while continuing to really push our already popular natural retail products as well as expanding them into some large volume food service accounts.  Growing these accounts helps us maximize efficiency in our plant as well as sustain our year over year double digit sales growth percentage.  All of this enables us to offer our loyal customers the Pederson's Organic Farms line of products!”  – Neil Dudley, Vice President
Pederson's Farms has built its business on two cornerstones:  an unwavering commitment to doing things right and a steadfast loyalty to its customers.  It is this foundation that has paved the way for continued and ever growing success for the all natural meat producer.
“Pederson's Farms has the criteria we look for in a protein supplier. Allowing third party inspections gives validity to their claim of Humane treatment and Never Ever antibiotic free products. This validation is consistent with our core values that require vendors to substantiate claims made on their labels. Consumers are concerned about the well-being and treatment of animals, and Pederson's is providing the transparency that will both comfort the consumer and educate them.

The addition of Organic is a natural fit for Pederson's.”  – Chris Smith, National Director of Protein, United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI)

It is this constant engagement with consumers that enables Pederson's to keep its proverbial finger on the pulse of consumer behavior and buying trends.  And, the consumers are asking for organic.
What will be first to hit the shelves?  It is none other than the organic version of the beloved Uncured Apple Smoked Bacon.  The natural version was the first product offered 20 years ago when Pederson's opened its doors, and it's the bacon that made them famous.  It only seems appropriate that Uncured Apple Smoked Organic Bacon be the first offering from brand extension Pederson's Organic Farms.

Based in Hamilton, Texas, Pederson's has been producing fresh and smoked natural meat products since 1992.  Dedicated to providing superior quality, naturally cured bacon, hams, sausage and much more, Pederson's mantra is “real people making real food using natural meats raised with humane and environmentally safe practices.”