Pederson's Natural Farms Donates Organic Sausage to North Texas Food Bank

In an effort to help the fight against hunger, Pederson's Natural Farms recently donated 1082 pounds of organic smoked sausage to North Texas hunger-relief organization, Community Food Bank.

Pederson's Natural Farms' donation will provide approximately 4328 servings of superior quality, hormone and antibiotic free protein source to individuals and families in need. According to both state and national research, protein is one of the most frequently requested items at food pantries yet the hardest to come by.
"At Pederson's Natural Farms, we believe everyone deserves access to fresh, wholesome protein - customer or not," said Cody Lane, President of Pederson's Natural Farms. "There's no better feeling than knowing our donation will place organic sausage on the plates of those who would otherwise not be able to afford it. We're proud to work with Community Food Bank."
In North Texas, a region the Community Food Bank serves, one in every six people is food insecure. The need is even greater in children where one in every five is food insecure. In addition to providing food for hungry children and families, Community Food Bank also participates in the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program. A program designed to help families learn about nutrition, and craft meals that not only satisfy their hunger but help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

Pederson's Natural Farms' commitment to being a great corporate citizen doesn't stop at helping the fight against hunger. The company also focuses its charitable giving in three other key areas: Health and Human Services, Sustainability and Animal Well-Being.

Health and Human services - To date, Pederson's Natural Farms annual Bacon Bash Texas event has donated over $50,000 of its proceeds to benefit the homeless in North and Central Texas through Niki Warms the Cold as well as children with Type 1 Diabetes by providing Dexcom continuous glucose monitoring systems and Diabetes camp scholarships. To see how you can get involved with Bacon Bash Texas click here.

Sustainability - Dedicated to sustainability, one of the many ways Pederson's Natural Farms promotes environmental stewardship and reduction of waste is by offering innovative products devoted to using the "whole hog." Learn about the most sustainable, responsible products here.

Animal Well-Being - Pederson's Natural Farms only works with self-sustaining family farms. Why? Because they're good stewards of their land, and, like us, they feel the ethical and moral obligation to provide their pigs with a comfortable and stress-free life.

About Pederson's Natural Farms:

Based in Hamilton, Texas, Pederson's Natural Farms has been producing fresh and smoked natural meat products since 1992. Dedicated to providing superior quality, naturally cured bacon, hams, sausage and much more, Pederson's mantra is "real people making real food using natural meats raised with humane and environmentally safe practices."