Pederson's Natural Farms Celebrates 20 Years

This year, Pederson's Natural Farms celebrates its 20th year as a premier producer of all natural fresh and smoked meat products. Started in 1992 with just two employees and the sale of the famous Applewood Smoked Bacon, Pederson's faced all the obstacles that any small business faces and then some.

Despite two fires leaving the company's production plant in ashes, Pederson's has steadily grown from two employees to 50 employees, a 2000 square foot plant to a 35,000 square foot plant, and $75,000 in gross sales the first year to $10 million in 2011. Pederson's credits its success to its unwavering integrity.

“Our priorities are safety, quality, and then efficiency. We never compromise the first two with the third. The ideals we value make for a long lasting business. Sure, there are things we could do to increase our profit margin and grow our business more quickly, but we choose not to compromise the Pederson's Natural Farms character and integrity.” – Cody Lane, President

The support of countless folks from the very beginning combined with the company's down home, honest to goodness business model has culminated with the successful production of superior quality all natural meats. Specifically famous for “makin' bacon”, here are some interesting statistics from Pederson's Natural Farms about just how much bacon they make annually:

  • 1.5 million pounds of bacon each year
  • 21 million slices
  • End to end, that's 2,982 miles of bacon
  • It's enough bacon to stretch across North America and halfway back

That's a lot of bacon!

Whether asked to reflect on Pederson's first 20 years in business or to look toward the future, Vice President Neil Dudley's assessment remains the same.

“We run our business as a marathon not a sprint. Our goal is to build our business on well founded relationships! We believe in honesty, safety, quality, and efficiency... in that order. Pederson’s Natural Farms isn’t the biggest; it’s just the best!”