Pederson's Natural Farms Announces New Hires

All natural meat producer Pederson's Natural Farms in Hamilton, Texas, has hired two industry veterans to join their team. Jim Ondrusek is serving as Special Projects Coordinator while Hans Van Der Enden joins the team as a dedicated Sales Support Representative. The men bring a combined total of 68 years experience in the meat industry, with each of them bringing over 30 years individually.

Ondrusek started in the business as a chili packer at his family's meat packing company. Over the next 37 years, he worked his way through every position from the harvesting floor to sausage making to being the general manager. He offers Pederson's his extensive knowledge of market trends and a keen understanding of industry pricing. His expertise is especially strong in the production stages of the process.

In contrast, Van Der Enden brings 31 years in the industry consisting primarily of retail experience. His introduction into the meat industry began quite serendipitously when he took a job at 18-years-old cleaning the meat room at a local grocery store. Over the next several years, he learned and worked in every retail aspect from ordering, marketing and merchandising, and meat cutting. Prior to joining the team at Pederson's, he worked with Whole Foods Market as an accomplished meat cutter, even winning the company's national “Best Butcher” competition in 2011.

“We're really excited to have the opportunity to bring these two guys on board with us. With Jim's ability to get us to the customer level in the most efficient manner and Hans's ability to get us to the consumer, we feel like their strengths compliment each other well,” says Neil Dudley, Vice President of Pederson's Natural Farms.

Based in Hamilton, Texas, Pederson's has been producing fresh and smoked natural meat products since 1992. Dedicated to providing superior quality, naturally cured bacon, hams, sausage and much more, Pederson's mantra is “real people making real food using natural meats raised with humane and environmentally safe practices.”