Pederson’s Natural Farms, Bacon Club NFT partner on product

[Originally appeared on Written by Ryan McCarthy.]

Pederson’s Natural Farms announced that it would partner with the Bacon Club NFT to produce and distribute limited edition collectible bacon to all Bacon Club NFT holders.

The companies are trying to connect the digital realm of NFTs (blockchain based digital collectibles) and real-world bacon.

“Pederson’s has always strived to keep ahead of the meat industry and we think joining up with an NFT project is the perfect definition of that,“ said Neil Dudley, vice president at Pederson’s Natural Farms.

Bacon Club NFT said it benefits for holding its product include limited edition bacon drops,  a chance to win a lifetime supply of bacon, access to Bacon Bash Texas and other perks in the future. 

“In order for NFTs to become more mainstream, projects should consider a symbiose of physical and digital goods, which is exactly why our new strategic partnership with Pederson’s is so fundamental and delicious,” said Richie McCord found of Bacon club NFT.

Pederson’s Natural Farms is an all-natural pork processor based in the Hamilton, Texas.