Several piglets are standing amongst hay on the ground. Two are looking at the camera, and two are facing away from the camera.

What is Animal Welfare?

At Pederson’s, one of our top priorities is animal welfare. Of course, we want to give our customers great products, but we believe whole-heartedly that we can do so while also making sure that our animals are treated with respect and care. 

Animal welfare refers to the well-being of animals, particularly those under human care. This includes physical as well as psychological well-being, and covers everything from proper housing for the animals, their nutrition and medical care, to making sure they have the ability to express their natural behaviors. 

Not only is it ethical to ensure animal welfare, we also believe it is practical. Animals deserve to be treated with kindness and consideration, and it is our responsibility to treat animals with respect. And practically speaking, animal welfare is linked to the health and safety of not only the animals but humans as well! Poor animal welfare can actually negatively impact the quality of meat, milk, or eggs produced. 

What is a third-party audit? 

A third-party audit is the process that a farm or producer undergoes to become animal welfare certified. These third-party programs provide the standards and guidelines for the welfare of animals raised for food or other agricultural products. These programs are designed to recognize and promote farming practices that prioritize the welfare of the animals and reduce animal suffering. 

The third-party audit is an objective assessment used to ensure the farm is meeting the animal welfare standards. If those standards are met, the farm is then certified. There are many organizations that conduct these audits, including the Global Animal Partnership, American Humane Association, and Certified Humane. 

Each of these organizations has its own standards for certification, but they all share the goal of improving animal welfare. Consumers can rest assured that companies with certifications by any of the third-party organizations prioritize the welfare of their animals. 

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