Diverse group around the table.

Pederson’s Natural Farms: Welcome to Our Table

Since good food has a way of bringing people together, we think this is an excellent opportunity to celebrate our common interests and our differences.

Our Table is diverse. It offers a variety of dishes that complement each other and invite you to try something new. 

Because at Our Table, we respect that no two people are alike, and we believe that makes the world a beautiful place.

We each have unique perspectives shaped by our individual experiences. Sometimes those experiences overlap, and sometimes they offer an opportunity for us to learn from one another. Sitting down at the table to eat, laugh, cry, and connect - we believe this is how we build understanding. 

Everyone is welcome at Our Table, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, culture, beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender identity. 

We may not look alike. We may not share the same traditions. We may have different opinions. 

We may come in different shapes and sizes, but we are all human. 

And we believe to be truly good, you have to do good too.

Our Table upholds the belief that our diversity puts the real flavor in the meals we share. Our core values of honesty, integrity, and good stewardship are the heart of our company and the food we share. 

Since 1992, Pedersons has worked to build a foundation on sustainable and humane farming practices and a responsibility to the planet and all its communities. This commitment is demonstrated by how we treat our animals, farmers, partners, and you. 

We want to build on this foundation by putting a little bit more good into the world with every meal. We invite you to join us in this message of unity and inclusivity. 

Welcome to Our Table.