The Delicious Tradition of Gifting Ham for Christmas

The Delicious Tradition of Gifting Ham for Christmas

The holidays are a time of giving and spreading love and good cheer to friends and loved ones. One of the best (and most delicious) traditions to take part in is gifting a holiday ham to someone! It’s a great way to show your appreciation, and many families view this as a favorite way to celebrate the season. But how did this tradition get started?

History of Gifting Hams

The tradition of gifting a ham can be traced back to ancient times. Back then, pigs were considered a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. In some cultures, pigs were given during special occasions like weddings or festivals as a show of hospitality and generosity. In medieval Europe, ham became a popular holiday food because it could be preserved without refrigeration for long periods of time. And it was seen as a practical gift because it could be easily transported and shared with family and friends. 

Today, gifting a ham is still that symbol of hospitality, care, and appreciation that it always has been. And it makes a great gift because of its versatility! It is just as delicious made into sandwiches or added to omelets as it is eaten as the main dish on Christmas Day. 

Choosing the Perfect Ham 

If you are considering gifting a ham this year, Pederson’s has great-quality ham ready to ship to you or your loved ones. Our hams are made from pork that is humanely raised, vegetarian fed, and never given antibiotics or hormones. They are free of added sugars, gluten, lactose, and MSG, so they fit a variety of lifestyles. 

Corporate Gifting 

Gifting hams at the holidays is not just a tradition for families. It is also a popular option for corporate gifting! Show your appreciation for employees, colleagues, and clients by gifting them a Pederson’s ham. For more info or to order your hams for corporate gifting, follow the link <Corporate Gifting landing page>. 

Whether you always give hams at Christmas, or you’re excited to start up a new tradition, order your Pederson’s ham today and spread some tasty cheer this season!