Sustainable Food Production at Pederson's Farms

Sustainable Food Production at Pederson's Farms

At Pederson's Farms, we're not just crafting exceptional bacon, sausage, and ham—we're crafting a brighter future. Our dedication to sustainability touches every aspect of our operations, from advanced recycling and energy conservation to comprehensive waste management. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of environmental stewardship, driven by our mission to "Make the Best Better."

Key Takeaways:

Recycling Programs: Setting the pace with programs that reduce waste and elevate sustainability.
Conservation Efforts: Our efforts extend beyond compliance, demonstrating a commitment to the planet.
Byproduct Recycling: Reinforcing our commitment to a sustainable, circular economy.

Recycling Programs

Cardboard Recycling

Since 2017, Pederson's Farms has diverted over 962,600 pounds of cardboard from landfills. Our in-house sorting and baling operations reflect our mission to minimize waste and promote a circular economy.

Plastic Film Recycling

Our approach to plastic, especially plastic film, is constantly evolving. Since 2021, we've diverted 61,600 pounds of plastic through innovative recycling methods, collaborating with expert partners to manage this waste responsibly.

Conservation Efforts

Energy Efficiency

By enhancing our refrigeration systems with eco-smart additives and upgrading to LED lighting across our facilities, we've cut energy usage by 25%, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Water Conservation in Food Production

Our cleaning teams have optimized water consumption by employing high-efficiency pressure washers, reducing water use by up to 40%. Investments in real-time metering boost awareness and encourage proactive management of water resources.

Byproduct Recycling

We convert approximately 200,000 pounds per year of grease/water by-products from our spiral oven into biofuel. This initiative underscores our commitment to maintaining a closed-loop system and enhancing sustainability.


What recycling programs does Pederson’s Farms have in place?
We've implemented extensive recycling programs for cardboard and plastic films, each supporting our waste minimization and sustainability mission.

How does Pederson’s Farms conserve energy?
We utilize additives in our refrigeration systems to enhance efficiency and have upgraded to LED lighting across our facilities, significantly reducing our energy consumption.

What efforts are made towards water conservation?
Our strategic use of high-efficiency pressure washers and real-time water metering is pivotal in reducing water usage by 30-40%, demonstrating our commitment to resource conservation.

Explore How We're Turning Good Into Better
Discover our sustainability efforts and shop our responsibly crafted products at Pederson’s Farms — where passion meets purpose and where every plate tells a story of commitment, quality, and care.

At Pederson’s Farms, our comprehensive recycling, energy conservation, and waste management initiatives are more than just corporate strategies—they manifest our core values. By continually setting new standards in environmental stewardship, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to sustainability, always guided by our principle of Making the Best Better.