Why Choosing Organic Means Avoiding GMOs

Why Choosing Organic Means Avoiding GMOs

Genetically Modified Meat

There are many different options out there for choosing the best meat for your family. Many people are switching from conventional meat produced by industrial farms to organic meat that is raised with stricter guidelines. There are several benefits to choosing organic meat, but one of the best benefits is that organic meat is non-GMO. GMO stands for genetically modified organism. When a product is non-GMO, this means that it has not been genetically altered in any way. 

What is Non-GMO Meat?

GMOs are plants or animals that have had their DNA altered in a way that does not occur naturally. Many times, this altering is done in order to make the plant or animal more resistant to pests or diseases. And while the practice of genetically modifying plants has been around for quite a while, genetically modifying animals is a newer development. 

Non-GMO meat has not been modified in any way, meaning that the animals have not been engineered to grow faster or be more resistant to disease. Being non-GMO also means that the meat is produced via traditional breeding methods, not by genetic engineering. 

The Benefits of Choosing Organic Meat

When it comes to choosing meat, there are many reasons that people choose organic over conventional meat. One of these reasons is that the methods used to produce organic meat are more environmentally friendly. It is more sustainable than other farming methods. Organic farmers do not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. And in order to be certified organic, they must follow strict animal welfare guidelines. 

Additionally, choosing organic meat means that you are getting non-GMO meat by default. As mentioned before, GMO plants and animals have had their DNA altered in an unnatural way. Using GMOs is not allowed in organic farming. So in order for meat to be truly organic, it must be non-GMO.  

Why Non-GMO is Important

There is some debate about the safety of GMOs. Many people are concerned about the long-term health effects of GMOs and prefer to avoid them altogether. Some studies have been done that suggest that GMOs could be linked to several health problems. Some of these issues include allergies, immune system disruption, and organ damage. 

How to Choose Non-GMO Meat

If you are wanting to choose meat that is non-GMO, there are a few things you can look for. Check the products for certified non-GMO or certified organic labels. Both of these labels would ensure that you are avoiding GMOs. 

    At Pederson's Farms, we are committed to providing you with high-quality, delicious meat options that align with your values and priorities. Our ORGANIC NO SUGAR ADDED UNCURED SMOKED BACON (4 PACK) and 100% GRASS FED ORGANIC GROUND BEEF (3 PACK) are just two examples of the many products we offer that cater to both organic and non-GMO preferences.

    In this table, checkmarks (✅) represent the benefits and guarantees associated with organic and non-GMO meat, while an "X" (❌) indicates that the benefit is not guaranteed for that particular type of meat. This format allows you to quickly compare the two types of meat and make an informed decision based on your preferences and values. 

    Claim Organic Meat Non-GMO Meat
    Non-GMO ✅ Always Non-GMO ✅ Non-GMO feed only
    Antibiotics ✅ Raised without antibiotics ❌ Not guaranteed, Check the label
    Growth Hormones ✅ Raised without growth hormones ❌ Not guaranteed, Check the label
    Pesticides & Chemicals ✅ Strict regulations on use in animal feed ❌ Not guaranteed, Check the label
    Animal Welfare ✅ Prioritizes health and well-being of animals ❌ Not guaranteed, Check the label
    Environmental Impact ✅ Prioritizes environmental sustainability ❌ Not guaranteed, Check the label
    Main Benefits ✅ Sustainable, Humanely Raised, No Growth Hormones ✅ Assurance of avoiding GM ingredients 
    Certified Organic
    ✅ Always Organic
    ❌ Not guaranteed, Check the label


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