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Tribali Foods, Angela Mavridis

Nutritionist Angela Mavridis

Pederson’s Natural Farms knows good food, and we know great people that do too! We take what we do seriously because we believe that what you put in your body matters. Our guiding principles have helped us meet like-minded entrepreneurs with similar goals: making great-tasting food that you can trust to fit your healthy eating lifestyle.

Pederson’s Podcast: Powered by Protein! sat down with the founder and CEO of TRIBALÍ Foods
, Angela Bicos Mavridis. As a nutritionist, Angela believes in ancestral eating and developed recipes with natural ingredients for people who want to eat healthy but struggle to find the time or aren’t sure how or what to cook. To learn more about Angela and TRIBALÍ Foods, stream the audio now or check out the full video! In this industry, we learn from each other, and we’re happy to share this insider’s knowledge with you! If you love what you hear, be sure to check out all the great guest speakers we’ve had this month!  

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