On the right of the photo sits a bowl, filled with pork chops and salsa. To the left of the image is a green rectangle with an orange stripe. Red and white text is laid over the top, which reads


Pederson's Farms fresh pork comes from Duroc-sired hogs making it some of the juiciest, most tender pork you can find. A product of the United States, our pork is beautifully pink in color and perfectly marbled.

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Vegetarian Fed Diet

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Raised Without Antibiotics or Growth Hormones

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Humanely Raised

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A photo of Jean Choi standing in front of a stove, using a spatula to flip some protein in a skillet!


Jean Choi loves good food. In fact, she loves it so much one of her passions is food photography. But this love story had a rough start. The food she was eating didn’t always make her feel so great. Struggling with IBS and digestive issues, she decided to investigate if food sensitivities could be behind her battles. And what she found would change her life for the better.

By switching to a real, whole food diet, Jean discovered a way of living that makes her feel amazing inside and out. She became a nutritional therapy practitioner because she believes the food you love should always love you back. She shares her simple, delicious recipes on her blog What Great Grandma Ate. Many of her recipes are Whole30, Paleo, and Keto-friendly, so becoming a Rally Room Cheerleader is a natural part of her wellness journey. When she’s not cooking or taking photos, Jean enjoys relaxing in her southern California home with her husband, daughter, and two adorable pups.