Vice President

Phone Number: 254.386.4790

Fax Number: 254.386.4794

Email Address:


If we were to rework Mr. Dudley’s business cards they would read:  Neil Dudley, The Quintessential Cowboy CEO.  Okay, he’s not the CEO, he’s the Vice President…but hang around him long enough and you’ll know why that would be the perfect title.

Neil is a pure Texas gentleman through and through..he believes in hard work with a little fun thrown in and is always quick to tip his hat to a lady.  Neil graduated college from Texas Tech University where he enjoyed participating on the Rodeo team.  “After I graduated it was get a job or go to grad school and rodeo for another year.”  Mr. Dudley chose to go to grad school at Oklahoma State University.

You may know Neil from his Instagram page, The Cowboy Perspective.  How does he feel about that?  “I feel awesome about that.  I believe most of the things I am confident in today…stem from the things I learned and continue to learn from the Cowboys and Cowgirls in my life. The Cowboy Perspective is my way of telling that story in hopes of being a resource to others”

If he didn’t work at Pederson’s full time, his dream job would be to own and operate a big ranch.  When he’s not bringin’ home the bacon, you’ll find Neil helping his wife, Stacy, take care of their three little girls and throwing in “some cowboy stuff” when he can.

A true family man, you can see his eyes light up when he talks about his home life.  When asked to name something amazing or awesome that has happened in his life, he proceeded to sit straight up and asked, “does marriage count?  ‘Cause that’s something pretty awesome.  Followed by the birth of those three little girls…I don’t think you can get more awesome than that.”

A few Pederson’s fun facts about Neil:

Favorite flavor of Pederson’s bacon – “The no sugar.  I find myself most productive and happy when following a whole 30, keto, or paleoish lifestyle and I like the option.”

Favorite non-bacon Pederson’s product – “Breakfast sausage.”

Who he’d share a plate of bacon with – “I’ve gotta choose just one?  Knee jerk reaction would be Michael Jordan.”

Who he’d trade jobs with at Pederson’s for one day – “It would be Luisa Rios…the janitor.  She does the most underappreciated job in the whole place.  You could learn a lot about everybody doing her job.  She sees the raw emotion.”

Favorite Pederson’s moment – “My favorite moment comes every day when I slow down for a second and realize we do something people want…and our team of people get to make a living thanks to that fact.  I love to help people and be able to provide our Pederson’s family with a livelihood…it’s not fair to say just one favorite.”

So, hop on over and follow Neil at @thecowboyperspective on Instagram or follow his recipe page here (link to his meal plan page). We hope you find his recipes enjoyable and most definitely tasty!

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