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Mr. Wilson has what he describes as “a strange little role” at Pederson’s Natural Farms…he’s the guy that watches the nickels and dimes and makes sure production cost is kept in check.  “I’m officially here to assist in making sure there is a good cost system in place.”

A Hamilton, Texas native, Mark has traveled all over.  He served in the Navy and recently moved back to Texas from Colorado.  “I followed my wife to Colorado…she was offered a good job and it was time for a family career change…I had been working at a job that had me traveling a lot…we decided it was a good opportunity for us.”  Eventually, Pederson’s brought them back to Texas.

“I’ve known Scott for years and one day we got to talking…Pederson’s was looking for someone with my finance and accounting background and they hired me.”  Mark has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an accounting emphasis and an MBA.  “I’m sure everyone would say I’m very serious…all business.”

But a person can’t be all work and no play; when asked what he does on the weekend, his initial response was a lighthearted, “work.”  However, Mark admits to being a passionate outdoorsman.  “I’m a very outdoorsy kinda guy.  I love to hunt and fish and snow ski…I love to spend time with my son outdoors…he also plays baseball so we enjoy watching him do that.”

Deep down, Mark is a very humble individual who appreciates each and every day.  “My life is super ordinary…I’m constantly amazed by the big and little things in my life…the little things are some of the most amazing.”

Get to talking about the future of Pederson’s with him and you are in for some excitement!  “We are rockin’!  We are headed to the moon!  We are growing like crazy…we have nowhere to go, but up.”

A few Pederson’s fun facts about Mark:

Favorite flavor of Pederson’s bacon – “I like the Applewood smoked the best.  It’s just the right mix of smoke and salty goodness”

Favorite non-bacon Pederson’s product – “Jalapeno rope sausage.”

Who he’d share a plate of bacon with – “With Willie!  Sharing a plate of bacon would be better than being on his bus…”

Who he’d trade jobs with at Pederson’s for one day – “It would have to be Wes.  I’d like to learn the magic behind this fantastic product we make.  I could say Neil…but I don’t know about that…”

Favorite Pederson’s moment – “This past annual sales meeting…just getting a chance to work with the entire sales team…it was a good all around session for all of us.”
What he wants folks to know about Pederson’s – “The fact that we have the best product….we have a great quality and great tasting product and that’s about it.”

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