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The kitchen was the prep table to some of my life’s warmest memories and important lessons.  While I’ve always had a passion for the palette, I never truly understood the power behind the art of cooking until I stepped behind the stove.  Every spice, every dice has taught me patience, imagination, carefulness, intention. Every burnt dish, each over salted sauce showed me something about myself. Over the years, my hunger and curiosity has evolved into an opulent adventure in home cooking. Creating my own magick through elegant yet simple, healthy but hearty dishes from classic recipes using elevated ingredients. Finding my way through the kitchen has helped me find my way through life. These are the roux that helps me stay true to the praxis that eating well isn’t a luxury, it’s a lifestyle.


Sprouting from the farm lands of rural Virginia, my roots stem from a harvest of strong, passionate and talented cooks. My taste buds shaped by the seasonings and smells iconic to the South.
Even after experiencing cuisines from all over the world and dining in some of the most amazing spots in New York City, I seem to find myself falling back on the flavors of my home.
You can take the girl out the country but you can’t take the country out of her cooking.


I’ve always considered myself a healthy person, not particularly a ‘health person’ but aware and objective about the things I put in my body. Knowing the benefits of a cold pressed kale juice in the morning never stopped me from enjoying a big greasy burger at night.
And for a while I thought that’s all I needed.

When I was first introduced to the Whole30, I was experiencing a lot of emotional anxiety and life changes and saw Whole30 as a way to refocus my energy and to make a change in my favorite place, the kitchen.

What I learned was so much more than just about food, even though that’s where it started.
Whole30 helped me take my time, reading labels and rethinking recipes helped me to find the quiet and creativity in my life. Eliminating all the extra and unneeded ingredients that I never knew lurked in the everyday products I ate showed me how to be aware of those things in other parts of my life.

Whole30 helped me care more about my self care. On some level reigniting my own self awareness and strength by showing me the things I could survive and thrive without. Over a year later and after completing the Whole30 4 times, it’s now become my norm. I relish the changes it’s brought to my skin, my digestion, my body, my mental clarity.

Whole30 changed my life and in some ways I am sure, saved it.

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