Jim Ondrusek


Special Projects Coordinator

Phone Number: 254.386.4790

Fax Number: 254.386.4794

Email Address:


You can’t put a value on over 37 years in the meat industry and a lengthy family heritage of artisan butchers. Jim’s great grandfather, a Czech immigrant, took a job as a meat packer in the late 1800’s. In 1913, his grandfather bought the meat packing plant; and so the long lineage of meat artistry begins.

When Jim first started in the meat industry, it was more common place for processors to do their own harvesting as well.  Jim’s first job was to pack chili and he eventually took on every job in the plant from harvesting to sausage making.

When you are passionate about something and have the privilege of doing it for most of your life, you tend to develop a few habits, rituals…quirks if you will.  For the past 25 years, Jim has started his day by checking the current trends in the meat industry and logging his findings into a trusty spreadsheet.  The man can tell you what has happened in the world of meat over the past quarter century and forecast things to come….he is nothing short of extraordinary.

Jim is affectionately known around Pederson’s as their resident “Meathead”.  He probably has more technical knowledge and industry expertise stored away in that brain of his than most so called “professionals” put together.

A few Pederson’s fun facts about Jim:

Favorite flavor of Pederson’s bacon – “I like them all but my favorite flavor of bacon is Apple. I like Apple because I think it provides the perfect balance between sweet and salty with a touch of apple flavor as a bonus..”

Favorite non-bacon Pederson’s product – “Sweet German smoked sausage”

Who he’d share a plate of bacon with – “Dale Earnhardt Jr,  I’m a big race fan!”

Who he’d trade jobs with at Pederson’s for one day – “Luisa Rios has the very difficult job of cleaning up around the office,plant doing laundry etc yet Luisa ALWAYS has a great attitude and a beautiful smile. I would like to be Luisa for a day to learn her secret!.”

Favorite Pederson’s moment – “There are many. The day I actually went to work for Pedersons in Febuary 2014 stands out. I worked with Pedersons as a co packer for 10 years and consulted for them longer than that. Chad the plant manager is my son and I have been friends with the Pedersons family for years so my connections with Pedersons run deep. I always felt like a Pedersons family member but in February 2014 it became official. The feeling was:  I’m going home!”
What he wants folks to know about Pederson’s – “Pedersons truly cares about our customers. I don’t think people realize how hard the talented people at Pedersons work to put healthy products on our customers tables. It’s not a job, it’s a mission, a way of life for us.”

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