Jeff Hackett


Lead Support Representative

Phone Number: 949.429.9612

Fax Number: 254.386.4794

Email Address:


While he wasn’t born a Texan, Jeff found his way to the Lone Star state by way of Dana Point, California.  When he set foot on Texas soil, he gave Neil Dudley (VP) a call because he knew he was the perfect guy to help get our products to the masses.  Turns out Jeff was right and he certainly brings a certain flavor (besides the jalapeno bacon he’s so fond of) to the table when he’s out and about in stores sharing the Pederson’s love.

As Jeff describes it, “My job at Pedersons Natural Farms is to spread the good word by doing store demos, developing relationships with the store managers, and making sure our product is well represented in the stores we are in. Our business is not a sprint but a marathon!”

Before you start thinking Jeff is all work and no play, we’ll let you in on a little secret.. Jeff has a seriously cool list of hobbies that include surfing, volleyball, and kayak fishing.  Kayak fishing? Yea… we don’t know much about that either… but Jeff makes it sounds like a blast!  But wait, we haven’t even shared his best pass time of all: “My days off are filled with loving my 3 month year old daughter. Hazel Rose Hackett.”  You should hear him talk about this little gal!  I believe I heard “God’s greatest gift” and “my passion” and “blessing” mentioned several times.  Ask anyone at Pederson’s and they’ll tell you, Jeff is a genuinely passionate person who cares about Pederson’s product and is an undeniable work horse.

When we asked Jeff where he thought Pederson’s was headed, he shared, “Pederson’s is heading in the right direction by developing relationships the old fashion way. With a smile and a handshake.”  We couldn’t agree with you more, Jeff!

A few Pederson’s fun facts about Jeff:

Favorite flavor of Pederson’s bacon – “Favorite flavor of bacon is a tough one because they are all good. If I had to choose one it would be Jalapeno Bacon. Such a great flavor and not too spicy. I love them all, though. ”

Favorite non-bacon Pederson’s product – “I love all our Sausages. When I give samples to customers, their faces light up with delight”

Who he’d share a plate of bacon with – “If I could resurrect him from the grave, I would love to share a plate with Chris Farley. What a blast that would be. ”

Who’d he’d trade jobs with at Pederson’s for one day – “Cody. Lets start at the TOP”

Favorite Pederson’s moment – “Our Sales Team building retreat followed by The Bacon Bash”

What he wants folks to know about Pederson’s – “That we are honest hard working people who genuinely care what we feed the public. All natural products made right in a small town of Hamilton TX.”

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