Internal Operations Coordinator

Phone Number: 254.386.4790

Fax Number: 254.386.4794

Email Address:


The Go to Girl:  when asked how others at Pederson’s would describe her, there was no hesitation from AJ as to what they would say.  This multi-tasking master mind is not only Pederson’s Go to Girl, she’s a wife, a mother and lover of all things natural.

Before coming to Pederson’s, she was heavily involved in the rodeo world and horse industry.  While attending college at The University of Tennessee at Martin, she advanced to the college rodeo finals in barrel racing.  “That was a really amazing moment in my life, it took a lot of hard work.”

Now her weekends are filled with little league soccer games and attempting to start a garden.  With a grin and bit of a giggle in her voice she says, “I’m trying to start a garden,” emphasis on the trying.  “At least it’s a patch of dirt right now and not weeds…I don’t exactly have a green thumb.”

When she’s not chasing pint sized soccer players, checking the Farmer’s Almanac for when to plant her tomatoes, or helping think up the next big thing for Pederson’s…AJ will be more than happy to tell you about her own personal passion…essential oils.  “I have a completely oily lifestyle!  It’s on me right now…and it’s in my office.”  It’s a pretty safe bet to say AJ will have an oil to cure what ails you.  “It’s a total lifestyle transformation.  I’ve been very lucky that my husband and my little one have completely embraced it and it has changed our lives.”

AJ is definitely not planning on Pederson’s slowing down anytime soon.  “I can’t give out any new item secrets, but what I will say is that Pederson’s isn’t slowing down! We are working on some pretty cool new projects, products and continuing to make plant improvements.”

A few Pederson’s fun facts about AJ:

Favorite flavor of Pederson’s bacon – “The no sugar.  We try to watch the sugar intake at home….other than that it’s the Cherry Bacon.  I’m not a big breakfast person, I’d eat a BLT before I would pancakes or eggs…but that Cherry Bacon with the salty sweet…just something about it.”

Favorite non-bacon Pederson’s product – “Toss up between the hot dogs and sweet German Sausage.”

Who she’d share a plate of bacon with – “Amberley Snyder.  She’s a barrel racer that rolled her truck and now she’s in a wheelchair…and she still rides.  She has a special seat belt rigged to the saddle.  I just think she’s amazing and such an inspiration.”

Who’d she’d trade jobs with at Pederson’s for one day – “I’d have to say the production supervisors on the packaging line…I’d like to gain more hands on familiarity with that side of the operation.”

Favorite Pederson’s moment – “My favorite Pederson’s moment….oh my I don’t think I can pick just one! This place is so cool to work at. We have an amazing team here that make everyday awesome!”
What she wants folks to know about Pederson’s – “That they make the best bacon in the world!  Aside from that, I’d say I want them to know that we’re a down to earth company…but we’re not so set down inside of the box that we can’t think out if it.”

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