New Year, New You!

You’re about to sit down to another plate of eggs and bacon, like you eat every day for breakfast, when it hits you: You just can’t do this Whole30 eating thing anymore. You just want to sip on a large glass of cabernet and inhale a crisp bag of chips. (Anyone else out there hear me?!) Whether you’re in the middle of Whole30, or you’re 2 weeks into a healthier lifestyle, your motivation to press on is gone. So what do you do?

First of all, let me assure you that you are not alone. Participating in the Whole30 is the real deal. It takes preparation, persistence, support, and 30 days to complete!

Some of us at Pederson’s are right there with you, and, in all honesty, we’ve had both good days and bad sticking to the challenge. You have to be disciplined – wherever you are. And, learning how to arm yourself early against all the foggy indecisiveness, craving indulgences, and everything else that may come with being right in the middle of your challenge is key to pressing forward and completing this sucker!

So here are some tips that we’ve gathered up from our first 14 days of 2018.


Re-visit the reason – Why did you choose to make these changes in your life in the first place? Was it to prove to yourself you could do it? To become a healthier version of yourself? Whatever the reason is, remember it, document it, and dig deep into the reason.

Get re-organized – You may have thought you were organized right before you started this journey, but were you really? Now is the perfect time to see what didn’t work the first two weeks and change it up a little bit. This includes a more precise shopping list, listing meals that allow leftovers, and prepping each day.

Do the best YOU can do.  – While we LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing all the pretty Instagram-worthy recipes, there’s one thing that’s not going to change: we make bacon. And we make good bacon taste great. (As well as other delicious No Sugar, Whole30 Approved products.) But, that’s what we do. Yes, you may catch us drooling over all the BEAUTIFUL, perfectly crafted recipes on Instagram that we see rolling in, but that doesn’t mean our plates look like that everyday, too. We’re going to feed our body what it needs and likes the best. In our case, it’s a lot of Pederson’s Farms No Sugar products. Can I get an Amen?? 😉 Just remember, listen to your body. Power it up with what’s good and best for it!

Our final encouragement is this: KEEP PRESSING ON. Even if you have fallen a meal or two, it’s okay. Recommit yourself to a clear plan (or plate). It’s never too late to recommit to a nourishing challenge that, in the end, will make you smile. It will still do you much good.

We’ve got 2 weeks to go. Let’s press on!

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