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We’ve made it through our first couple of days! Hello, day three! Successfully eating from the Whole30 plan for two days is worthy of celebration in my book! Take a minute to join our exclusive Facebook group here and cheer on your neighbor! We’re in this as a team, and with the support of each other, we can do this!

This week is the most difficult for me. Cravings, irritations, and – the hardest part for me – making Whole30 a part of my regular routine. Three days… I can do anything for three days! But, during the middle of the work-week… that’s where my real struggle will be. In our house, Monday through Friday is a blur, consisting of early mornings, getting three little girls dressed and to school on time, homework, playtime, quick meals, and early bedtimes. No matter how hard I try, there are always variables. Sick kids, late meetings, and hundreds of other things can throw my well-intended plans right out the window.

Planning for the unexpected is how I’m going to succeed for the next 28 days. I know your lives are just as busy, so I want to share a few things I’m going to be doing to help me succeed even on the most unpredictable days.

  • I missed a meal! Keep Whole30 approved snacks on hand at all times to keep you from rushing to the junk food. My personal favorites are almonds, Pederson’s No Sugar Fully Cooked Buckin’ Bacon, and these Protein Power Balls. Shanna from Whole 30 shared a few tips on one of her latest blogs, you can read about that here.
  • I’m out of time! I’ll be pre-making meals for days like this! If you are following along with our Whole 30 Challenge, you seen an example of how we like to meal plan!
  • I can’t eat travel snacks! Stay away from traditional airport and gas station snacks! Pack your own snacks with healthier options! Fresh fruits and veggies, raw nuts, almond butter, Larabars, and some Fully Cooked Pederson’s No Sugar Bacon are all easy to pack and will save you from the travel snack binge.

Don’t worry – you aren’t the only one craving your former food today. My coffee just isn’t the same without cream and sugar. But, power through! Let’s keep each other accountable! Ask how someone is doing. Make plans to do something together at lunch. You’ll be a whole lot less tempted with friends by your side!

We can do this!  #stockedandready

– Stacy Dudley

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