There are many regulations set forth by the USDA in order to police the use of the word “Natural”.  Here at Pederson’s, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with all natural foods.  However, there are some facts about “Natural” everyone should understand, especially with the growth of the natural food industry becoming significant enough that all of the big players want a piece of the action.

The term “Natural” versus “Pederson’s Natural”

“Natural” brings a certain favorable thought to the minds of consumers which in turn adds value to a product. What if we could add value without raising production cost i.e., the company makes a bigger profit.  Simple yet complex, this is where the problem has been created. Customers need to feel confident they are feeding their families the best foods possible, the word “Natural” has become a quick and easy indicator of what’s healthy for many. Unfortunately, with the current regulations, it is possible to label almost anything “Natural”.

There is an abundance of information written on this topic regarding large companies taking advantage of these loose standards. I am not here to get involved in the arguments over what is “Natural” or what is not “Natural” because, in reality, both sides have good business reasoning for making their arguments. One wants one ingredient out so they can gain a competitive advantage and the other wants that ingredient included so they can have the advantage. Hey, that’s business and we live in America, the land of free enterprise, this kind of stuff has been happening for years and will continue to happen as long as we function in a free market system.

The major issue from where I sit is, why can’t we just tell an educated, involved consumer what they are getting when they pick-up a package of our product.  “Pederson’s Natural” means produced in a small Texas town by real people who care about providing you and your family real food. We make a small number of products, but we make them very well, and very safe.  “Pederson’s Natural” is a product made from raw meat that is qualified as Never Ever (no antibiotics or growth stimulants ever) and “Pederson’s Natural” spices.

that’s my thoughts for now,

Neil Dudley

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