Don’t Judge Me!

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As I’ve been reading through the Whole30 Timeline, I’ve been really surprised to learn how much my mind drives my cravings. Some of you probably know, but for those of you who don’t – Sonic Blasts are my guilty pleasure. I love them. Sometimes, I eat them for lunch. Not the most sustaining meal, but, man, they are good! I’ve been craving some delicious ice cream for the last few days, and it was so hard not to pull into Sonic at lunch today.


I was just doing a little research about what I was going to encourage our group with today, and it dawned on me. It’s a mind game! I am craving some major junk… almost as if my life depended on it. But in all actuality, I’m feeding my body with foods that are clean, simple, and will give it all the fuel it needs. MY MIND is who is playing tricks on me. I know this discovery won’t fight the cravings, but identifying the source of my problem will help me fight it a whole lot better.

Whole30 encourages you to write your cravings down. Track how you feel, and plan out what you’re doing to proactively stop those cravings in their tracks. Don’t be afraid to share with others who are doing the Whole30 alongside you. Anything is easier when you know you’ve got a friend right beside you!

It’s Monday, and we’ve got a great week in front of us. I encouraged you to have lunch with another Whole30’er last week, and I’m going to do the same this week! It’s a great time to swap recipes, tips, and to ask how someone is doing!

Keep it up!  #grablifebythebacon

– Stacy Dudley, The Paleo Cowgirl

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