Okay, folks. I’m really super excited about this one. Pederson’s is launching a new product, and this product… this one is going to rock my world. Uncured No Sugar Smoked Bacon. Yep. How do I even begin to tell you about my love affair with this bacon and it’s necessity?

Here’s the thing… no one is doing this. At least, there is not a nationally distributed, easy to attain brand producing superior quality, minimally processed, uncured, antibiotic free, veg fed, humanely raised, unsweetened bacon. Have you ever read the ingredients list of every package of bacon in any given grocery store? Nope? Well, I have. Ha! Sure, you can find natural, uncured bacon in most grocery stores. BUT, they all contain sugar. Don’t look at the nutritional facts panel… it is not an accurate reflection of sugar content. Look in the ingredients list. You will always find brown sugar.

Let me tell you my story, and I suspect there are many others out there with a story like mine. I am… well… what you might call a “fitness fanatic”. (Insert overly dramatic air quotes.) Sure, I may be a wee bit over the top. I will admit it. However, my health is of the utmost importance to me. Am I perfect? No. Am I always looking to be better than I was yesterday? Yep. That is my goal day after day. I want to be stronger, fitter, healthier today than I was yesterday. And, as long as I’m moving in that direction, I am pleased.

With that said, I gave my diet an overhaul last fall. I went Paleo. “Paleo? What’s that?” you ask. Listen, I’m no expert, but Paleo, to me, means that I eat meats, vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch. I do not eat dairy, grains, legumes, or sugars. Eating Paleo is based on the Paleolithic era… hunters & gatherers. And, truly, no one can say for certain what they did/did not eat. However, for me, it is about getting back to real foods, fresh foods.

So, on my quest to go Paleo, I began to look at every. single. nutrition. label. Boy howdy, do you know what kind of junk we are consuming?!? Do you know that some form of sugar is in nearly EVERYTHING that we eat??? Wow! And, so many labels are chock full of ingredients that I cannot pronounce. This is not okay, right?

Here’s the deal… wouldn’t it be grand if we all raised, slaughtered, and processed our own meat in addition to growing the most lush vegetable garden for our own personal consumption? Sure it would. But, that’s not happening for me. Girl has a full time job. And some hobbies that aren’t farming & ranching. Oh, and a black thumb. So, I need the next best thing. I need to be able to go to the grocery store and buy some food that I feel good about putting in my body. I need to be able to go to the grocery store and find some paleo options. And, again, I suspect that I am not alone in this.

When I started Paleo, I was told that bacon is allowed so long as I find one made without sugar as sugar is a no no. Hallelujah! However, I very quickly found out that bacon made without sugar is a very elusive, mystical entity. So, I can have it, but I can’t find it? That is so wrong

Working for Pederson’s Natural Farms, I know their quality is the best of the best. I know their values align with mine when it comes to the raising of the hogs, as well as the nature of their “processing” or lack thereof. I’ve spent countless hours in the plant watching them work. I’ve asked them the questions I need answered. See… before I ever came to work for Pederson’s, I was the all natural, organic consumer. Before Pederson’s, I did my research. From a consumer standpoint, I knew what was going on in the world of natural and organic meats versus mainstream meat factories. So, without reservation, I asked them every question I ever had. And, without reservation, they answered every one of them and showed me all around.

I have concluded that the down home, honest to goodness folks that run Pederson’s Natural Farms are of the highest integrity. Haha. How’s that for an expert opinion? I understand that you all don’t know me, but I know me, and all the folks that know me know that I wouldn’t say that if it weren’t true. (What a mouthful, eh?!?

Incredibly long story a wee bit shorter… Pederson’s bacon would be perfect for the paleo gal should they omit the sugar. I mean, I’m not gonna lie… I would have been a traitor and settled for another brand of bacon if I’d found one that aligned with my values without any type of sugar. But, I didn’t find one. Ever. And, I’m glad. Settling is no fun.

Pederson’s Natural Farms, being the super awesome company that they are, listened to a few consumers including little ol’ me, and recognized the huge, gaping hole in the market. In fact, they had a consumer plea submitted on their website that read as follows:Us health conscience eaters prefer the sugar out of our bacon. Please produce a product that contains NO SUGAR!! Your bacon is too sweet for our group of Paleo dieters. Would appreciate your consideration on the matter.” And, guess what!?! They (we?) value the varying and ever evolving needs of health fanatics and bacon lovers. They value the voice of one single consumer. I am thrilled that Pederson’s is in the position to provide this kind of superior product to nationally well known and loved markets at a price point previously unheard of for this kind of bacon. Seriously. As far as I know, there is only one other company making bacon like this, but it is only sold online, it is consistently out of stock, and the price is significantly higher if you can get it.

Pederson’s is not messing around with this. The ingredient list is short and sweet, and I can pronounce and recognize every ingredient. I’ve watched them make bacon. I’ve photographed it. I’ve written about it. We’re talking real smoke in a real smokehouse. Want to see and read how the bacon is made? Check it out HERE.

I just love Pederson’s and everything that they embody. Guess what!?! I’m not the only one looking to be better than I was yesterday. I have watched Pederson’s grow, evolve, and look to improve day after day, week after week, month after month since I’ve been on board. There is never anything remotely close to a sacrifice in quality, standards, integrity, or character as they seek to make the best better! Keep an eye on us! I have a feeling there is even more goodness coming!

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