Scott Cooney


Vice President Of Operations

Phone Number: 254.386.4790

Fax Number: 254.386.4794

Email Address:


A man of few words on the outside and a wealth of knowledge on the inside…if you can get Scott to open up, you’ll find this out very quickly.

How’d he get started at Pederson’s?  “I started off as a consultant in 2009.  I liked them, they liked me and they offered me a job.”  Short and sweet, right?  But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that Scott is a busy man.  “I coordinate various departments, make sure everything is run in a safe and efficient manner…I try to make sure quality is built into the product rather than inspected into the product.”

Scott is far from all work and no play.  He is a master in the kitchen and is actually married to an executive chef!  “I like to cook and tend to my garden.  We have a big garden with lots of organic and heirloom vegetables. I also love to saltwater fish…I don’t get to do that as much as I’d like, I maybe get down there two or three times a year…I guess I live in the wrong part of the country to do it all the time.”

Scott and his wife are just recently married and living on a ranch that has been in his family since the mid 30’s.  “We are in the process of remodeling the house and are currently living in a 20 foot travel trailer.  If she can make it through this renovation and living in this trailer as newlyweds…she’s a keeper.”

With lots of tenure and experience under his belt, Scott is definitely a point of advice as well as a leader and mentor at Pederson’s.  “Through God’s guidance, I am married to a great woman, have two great kids, and have a great network of friends and business contacts.  I don’t know of anything more spectacular than that.”

A few Pederson’s fun facts about Scott:

Favorite flavor of Pederson’s bacon – “No sugar.  It’s as close to a traditional, farm style bacon as there is.”

Favorite non-bacon Pederson’s product – “Jalapeno cheese sausage.  I like the white cheese that’s in it, queso fresco.  It is a really simple cheese and holds up under high heat.”

Who he’d share a plate of bacon with – we are still waiting on this…that’s a tough decision

Who he’d trade jobs with at Pederson’s for one day – “Neil…so I could be the Cooking Cowboy for the day.”

Favorite Pederson’s moment – “Openings, expansions, new equipment…anything that has to do with seeing a plan all the way through to realization; I like to see the excitement of peers from growth.  And Bacon Bash.”
What he wants folks to know about Pederson’s – “That we are a company strong in ethics and faith in God.  A handshake and our word goes a long way.”

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