How We Make Our Fully Cooked Bacon

They start with a 2000 pound shipment of fresh pork bellies. Inside of that big ol’ 2000 pound box, there are an average of 200 pork bellies. Two pork bellies are obtained per pig. This is where it starts. And, I don’t know if this is what he bargained for, but here’s Cody Lane, President of Pederson’s Natural Farms, in an attempt to move one of those 2000 pound boxes.

Best Bacon Ever by Daniel Vaughn

Daniel Vaughn is the magazine’s Barbecue Editor. In a former life, the Dallas-based Vaughn was an architect and a mere barbecue hobbyist, eating, reviewing, and writing about smoked meats for his popular blog, Full Custom Gospel BBQ. Then, in March 2013, hobby turned...

How We Make Sausage

I’m Amy Carroll. I suppose I should start by telling you that I am not concise. I ramble. A lot. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, and I’ve been up front about what you’re getting yourself into, I graduated from Comanche High School with Cody Lane, President of...

How We Make Our Bacon!

Okay… have you ever seen that show How It’s Made on the Science Channel? That is a great show. Maybe I’m a total geek, but I find it totally enthralling. From lamps to baseballs to bacon, they’ve covered it all… start to finish. And, it’s not until I watch that show that I get all contemplative on where “things” come from. All I know is that “things” are just there. I go to the store and buy what I need. Granted, I buy responsibly. I am all about sustainability and responsibility. Most often, I let the third party certifications give their stamp of approval, and I take that as truth, though. But, where exactly does it come from?

What’s In My Bacon?

There are many regulations set forth by the USDA in order to police the use of the word “Natural”.  Here at Pederson's, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with all natural foods.  However, there are some facts about “Natural” everyone should understand,...

Pederson’s Celebrates 25 Years

What do you get when you throw two good ol’ boys and lifelong best buds into a business together? Success! Just ask Pederson’s Natural Farms based out of Hamilton, Texas. Pederson’s hired small town Texas boy Cody Lane for Quality Assurance straight out of college in...

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