Both kale and kielbasa were stove cooked with organic extra virgin olive oil and I sprinkled garlic powder and lemon pepper onto the kale as it cooked. Use whatever amount you desire.
As for the homemade pesto sauce… used the almond pesto recipe from Rich Roll and Julie Piatt’s book, The PlantPower Way.
🔸 Leaves from 2 large bunches basil (about 2 cups) .
🔸 1 cup raw almonds .
🔸 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil .
🔸 Juice of 1 medium lemon .
🔸 1 teaspoon large-grain Celtic sea salt .
🔸 Filtered water
Combine all ingredients besides water into a vitamix or food processor. Blend in small amounts of water as needed until desired consistency.

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